established in 2008

Highline United is a footwear company devoted to the design, manufacture, and distribution of branded and private label footwear. Our goal is to make beautifully designed,  competitively priced, high quality shoes, with industry leading speed-to-market.

As a vertically integrated company, we maintain control over all aspects of our product. Our sourcing, customer partnerships, and logistical capabilities allow us to deliver footwear at all price points. We take the long view on our relationships to achieve long-term goals for the benefit of all parties.

Passionate about design

Our talented design team constantly travels the world (and the web), hunting for trends and following inspiration.  This diverse creativity pool allows us to show our love for a wide array of footwear categories and price points. 

We pride ourselves on developing and sourcing the latest components and materials, on looking for inspiration everywhere, and most importantly on following our hearts.

Manufacturing expertise

We offer a unique combination of manufacturing expertise and innovative production techniques. In particular, our state of the art production facility in Dongguang, China achieves unrivaled efficiencies in producing premium quality footwear.

With additional partner factories located around the world, we are extremely confident about our ability to produce all types of premium grade footwear.